OptiBlu – Trypan Blue Vital Dye Solution

OptiBlu - Trypan Blue Ocular Staining Dye

Visualization is critical when performing cataract surgery. This is particularly true for achieving and maintaining a clear view of the anterior capsule. During most routine cases with a bright red reflex, there is little or no difficulty seeing the anterior capsule when performing the capsulorhexis and then later during the procedure observing the edge of the capsulorhexis. However, a variety of situations may interfere with the surgeon’s ability to clearly see the capsule.

Optiblu 0.06% ophthalmic solution stains the anterior lens capsule making it clearly identifiable throughout surgery, and is an invaluable tool. The dye is injected onto and spread over the anterior lens capsule.

The primary indication for using this capsular dye is when the red reflex is poor or absent, which is typically due to a mature white cataract. In such instances, the readily stained capsule facilitates creating a complete capsulorhexis. Trypan blue is also very useful in cases of weak zonules. It is routinely used in all patients with pseudoexfoliation syndrome so that the capsulorhexis edge can be easily visualized throughout the surgery and more readily detect capsular instability by observing any shift in position of the capsulorhexis edge.

Similarly, it has been recently found in cases of extensive asteroid hyalosis that it can be difficult to visualize the capsule once the lens nucleus has been removed, and trypan blue can certainly improve visualization in this circumstance as well.


Ashish Dange

Ashish Dange is the Founder & CEO at Ophtechnics Unlimited. He has been actively involved in the Ophthalmic Medical Devices industry for over 25 years now. He has incubated many companies in the Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices domain.